APS 2000 Vehicle Restraint
The APS 2000® is a superior, impact-style trailer restraint that was developed specifically to reduce the occurrence of certain types of accidents at the dock. The new APS 2000 combines an advanced communication system with a low-profile carriage. It also has an impact extension bar that accommodates a wide range of lower rear impact guards.

The APS 2000® can reduce the number of accidents from:
  • Premature truck departure caused by miscommunication
  • Trailer creep due to movement of a forklift
  • Landing gear collapse due to the inertia of a forklift

Standard IP67S-Rated Patented Gear Motor features:
  • IP67S rated to protect against the effects of immersion of water
  • An electromechanical brake that never needs adjustment
  • Water-tight electrical connectors
  • Automatic re-engagement

The Restraint Carriage features:
  • A low-profile 9" carriage to reduce rear impact guard damage
  • An impact extension bar to lower the service range to 9"
  • Rotating steel hook engagement
  • Dichromate plating for all-weather durability
  • Zerk grease fittings on roller shafts

The Advanced Communication System provides:
  • Universal red and green LED light communication inside and out
  • Position signaling
  • Push-button operation with audible alarm override

Other Standard Features:
  • Safety Key switch lockout
  • Keyed override alarm
  • Green Light Interlock